ESI Virtual Prototyping

ESI Virtual Prototyping

When 3D CAD Model of a product is tested for identification of design errors or weak areas through virtual analysis and simulation tests, it is called virtual prototyping. These studies are conducted to test the products under the given circumstances or situations the product is designed to work under or withstand. These studies help to understand if the product is failing or is not up-to-the-mark in terms of strength, robustness or performance in certain areas which when addressed can enable companies to build a product that meets all the desired parameters of functionality, durability, and sustainability. Virtual prototyping basically helps companies:

  • Identify design errors
  • Spot product weaknesses
  • Conduct durability and fatigue tests
  • Study Impact analysis
  • Assess product robustness under the given loads, conditions, pressures and boundaries the product is designed to withstand
  • Achieve cost effectiveness through design optimization
  • Augment overall product performance

It helps companies build products that are robust and function seamlessly.

ESI is a world leader in the field of virtual prototypes. Based out of France, ESI now has its presence in major regions of the world. In India, they have a tie-up with DesignTech Systems to market their software solutions.

A legacy of 40 years and over 1000 employees in 44 countries, has helped ESI develop a unique proficiency in helping industrial manufacturers replace physical prototypes by virtually replicating the fabrication, assembly and testing of products in different environments. Using the software developed by ESI, manufacturing industries can create virtual prototyping solutions that take into account the physics of materials.

The software suite developed by ESI caters to various industrial sectors like automotive, heavy industries, aerospace, defense, energy, electronics, consumer goods, healthcare, education and others. To enable customer innovation, ESI's solutions integrate the latest technologies in high performance computing and immersive Virtual Reality, allowing companies to bring products to life before they even exist.

Benefits of ESI Virtual Prototyping Suite

  • unprecedented design flexibility for process development teams
  • anticipate and solve process related issues before they are even built
  • explore design alternatives and test for requirement's correctness
  • early removal of design errors through simulation

For further information, visit the company website at

  • ProCAST and QuikCAST from ESI
  • SYSWELD from ESI