CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM Solutions, Stratasys & Solidscape 3D Printers.

"Students and faculty members of Biomedical Engineering department are using the campus wide license of MATLAB for their Laboratory courses, Projects and Research. MathWorks has provided free online courses which are helpful to the Students and Faculty to enhance their knowledge in different tool boxes, such as Signal Processing, Image Processing, Deep Learning and Medical Imaging, etc. MATLAB has user friendly GUI for easy implementation of AI, ML, Deep Learning algorithms. The support such as conducting online and offline workshop from MathWorks and DesignTech team is really helpful for our Faculty and Students."

Dr. D. Selvathi
Senior Professor & Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College

"Our UG students use MATLAB for lab work on variety of topics, including digital communication, analog communication, software workshops, etc. We can easily manage these sessions in classrooms due to a campus-wide license. Students and faculty can use the license from anywhere. This feature is really useful. Research scholars can benefit from MATLAB by getting the most recent toolboxes for their work. We appreciate MathWorks and DesignTech for their entire assistance."

Dr. Raksha Upadhyay
Associate Professor - Department of Electronic and Telecommunication, Institute of Engineering and Technology Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya.

"We had opted for Campus wide license few years back and continued to renew the license each time from there on. The campus wide license has enabled us to avoid duplicating the efforts in procuring the license by different departments and sections, access of more toolboxes and access of licensed version of MATLAB to each and faculty, student and staff. Additionally, the workshops, training programs and technical support offered with this has helped the faculty and student immensely."

Dr. Ajat Shatru Arora
Professor & Dean (Faculty and Staff Welfare) - Department of Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering, Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology.

"KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology is using MATLAB campus wide for the past two years, thanks to MathWorks. The software is used by the students of every discipline in their courses and has become an integral part of their project work. The continuous support in terms of training and assistance from MathWorks and DesignTech has been incredibly helpful in ensuring the software is used effectively inside the campus."

Prof. E Joel
Department of Mechanical Engineering. Head - Centre for Teaching Innovation and Excellence, KPR Institute of Engineering & Technology.

""Jyoti CNC is happy with the support provided by DesignTech team. From processing, solving, to interpretation of results, Altair and DesignTech teams provided timely support at every stage to ensure smooth execution of the project. Expertise of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from Altair and DesignTech helped Jyoti team achieve their objectives of static stiffness in the required time frame. Simulation has played a critical role in our product development process. FEA analysis and Product Design Optimization solutions from Altair helped us obtain desired mechanical accuracies. We were able to increase the static stiffness in Machine’s X and Y axis by 73% and 64% respectively. We are now using Altair solutions extensively in our R&D activities and will continue to evolve and expand use of these solutions for our upcoming product lines as well.""

Vijay Zala
General Manager (R&D),Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd.

""Students and faculty members of K.K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research are making regular use of MATLAB Campus Wide license. This has helped our students use MATLAB in a wide variety of courses for various departments. MathWorks provides free online courses, which is enabling our faculty members and students to get insights on different toolboxes. Model-Based Design is facilitating our students to simulate and generate code for targeted hardware. MathWorks and DesignTech teams are providing us with regular support by conducting various webinars.”"

Prof. Dr. DM Chandwadkar, Head of Department – Electronics and Tele Communication
K.K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research

"IFB R&D team, wanted to speed up their product development lead time, reduce cost and produce parts with complex geometries without worrying about the required number of variations and iterations. The team wanted 3D printed parts to be tough and display good finish, they decided to invest in Stratasys 3D Printing and acquired the Fortus 900 mc 3D Printer for the high quality materials and printing it offered. We are very happy with the way DesignTech Systems supports us. They not only pay us scheduled visits for machine maintenance, but are also very prompt in providing technical assistance in case of breakdowns. Not only this, DesignTech also conducts useful trainings for our staff, which help us better utilize our 3D Printers in newer applications."

Vithal Fadte
IFB 3D Printing Lab

"Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT), invested in Stratasys 3D Printers for their healthcare product development. We found Stratasys 3D Printers to be very office friendly, easy to use, maintenance free, and potentially safe. We can now easily print complex products that fit excellently and help us in our endeavor of making lives of patients easy. As for DesignTech, the CIT’s research team has only words of praise, so much so, that that have recommended them to other research institutes. The CIT team is thankful to the DesignTech team for their help in selecting the right printer, providing appropriate training, and continuing their support throughout their journey."

Dr. Rajesh Ranganathan
Coimbatore Institute of Technology

"Students and Faculty members of K.K.Wagh are using the Campus Wide license of MATLAB online and Offline regularly. Campus Wide Licenses helped our Students use MATLAB in a wide variety of courses for different departments. MathWorks has provided free online courses which are helping faculty and students to get insights of different toolboxes. Model based Design Toolbox is helping our students to simulate and generate the code for targeted hardware. The MathWorks and DesignTech teams are always supporting us by conducting various webinars."

Prof. Dr. DM Chandwadkar
Head of Department – Electronics and Tele communication, KK Wagh College of Engineering

"Cummins College has Matlab campus wide licenses, used by faculty and students for various lab courses. Matlab has a very user friendly GUI making it easy to implement AI, ML, deep learning algorithms and evaluate them too. The user guide of Matlab is very useful in understanding the concepts and implementing them. During the pandemic students were able to implement Matlab codes through the mobile apps by connecting to cloud based Matlab solution. The support from DesignTech and MathWorks team is really appreciated. During the faculty Development program, the resource person from MathWorks conducted the sessions on emerging technologies which was very well received by the attendees. Apart from the support from DesignTech and MathWorks, India team of Cummins College Alumni worked with MathWorks Inc., Boston to conduct online workshops on building smart fitness tracker using our own mobile devices, AR/AI workshop, etc. "

Dr. Mrudul Dixit
Dean Alumni, Assistant Professor(E&TC Dept.), Cummins College of Engineering - Pune

"Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College obtained Stratasys FDM technology, 3D Printers to print the life-size prototype from ABS thermoplastic. Stratasys 3D Printed parts helped in minimally invasive surgeries and precise procedures, which lead to enhanced patient safety and huge reduction in operation time. We received very good and active support from DesignTech Systems. They extended their full support towards Training our PHD scholars and our training staff. The best part about DesignTech team is the way they have maintained the Customer Relationship with us."

Prof. Rupinder Singh
Manufacturing Research Lab, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College

"With Altair OptiStruct™ we were able to address some of the most pressing challenges we faced in product design optimization, light weighting and material saving. We were not only able to derive impressive results of about 16-17% material savings through Altair HyperWorks suite of solutions, but were also able to achieve enhanced product quality without having to worry about design or warranty failures. DesignTech (Partner of Altair) team has been instrumental in training and supporting us which helped us use Altair HyperWorks solutions to their maximum potential thus augmenting our productivity."

Hemanshu Yadav
Asst. Manager R&D FEA, Pranav Vikas (India) Pvt. Ltd.

"With Altair HyperWorks™ at our disposal, we are able to detect errors early in the design stage and hence accelerate our development cycle. The DesignTech team with thorough training helped us understand Altair Inspire Form and its applications better. The training and support provided by both Altair and DesignTech was great. With constant support we are able to handle projects independently and are exploring other Altair solutions for newer applications in our domain."

Ram Kale
Managing Director, Pragati Engineering

"We are very happy with Altair HyperWorks™ functionalities and the support provided by DesignTech in the Camera Holder project. DesignTech trained our resources thoroughly on the software, after which we could apply that knowledge on this project. We would definitely involve the DesignTech team further in our projects and would want to know more about new technologies and solutions from them"

Revanth Metla
Team Lead, Intech DMLS Pvt. Ltd.

"Altair HyperWorks™ helped us cut down on the number of prototype iterations, final turnaround time and also saved on the project cost. We are now keen on exploring other capabilities of the Altair CAE Suite in our product development cycle. Also, Both DesignTech and Altair Technical teams provided excellent support and training. With their help, we were able to realize newer applications of tools that we could use in our product line."

Nikhil Srivastava
Sr. CAE Engineer (R&D Department),Imperial Auto Industries

"Since Premium Transmission Ltd has a good association with DesignTech for their R&D activities . Also we have seen the benefits which DesignTech has shown through the benchmarking and workshop on our Stratasys machine. We have decided to go with DesignTech Systems for Stratasys 3D Printer."

Soumendu Mukhopadhyay
Premium Transmission Ltd

"Avcon communicated its objectives and requirements to DesignTech Systems, a Siemens PLM Software channel partner and major distributor in India who had assisted with the NX implementation. DesignTech recommended Teamcenter® software for product data management (PDM) and NX Embedded Client. The proposed solution helped Avcon to establish a centralized data management system. Teamcenter enabled us to have more control over data, projects, resources, security and protecting our intellectual property"

Rajan Kawale
Managing Director, Avcon Controls

"Magraa relies on DesignTech Systems, a Siemens PLM Software channel sales partner, for system implementation, training and ongoing support. Magraa credits its success with NX in part due to the excellent support staff from DesignTech Systems, which helped the company with personal visits, telephone support and periodic training and updates on new releases of the software. DesignTech also assists in building postprocessors for Magraa’s NC machinery."

K. Manogaran
Managing Director, Magraa Fashions

"Matrix selected NX™ software from product lifecycle management (PLM) specialist Siemens PLM software, based on its specialized high-performance tooling design capabilities. Matrix relies on DesignTech Systems, a Siemens PLM Software solution partner, for system sales, training, technical support, guidance and customization."

Sajith Chenat
Director, Matrix Tools and Solutions

"In 2014 we were evaluating a variety of CAE tools. After a thorough study of the available tools we decided to procure HyperWorks™. Not only is the software user friendly, the licensing policy is flexible and depth of solutions available within HyperWorks™ is very good. Our concerns on effective usage & establishing correlation between physical test & simulation results were addressed by support from DesignTech and our productivity increased significantly in a very short period of time. All automotive organizations who are looking for weight reduction and performance improvement can definitely try using Altair solutions"

Allwin Meledath
Assistant Manager Research & Development Harita Seating Systems Ltd.

"Altair India and DesignTech technical teams are extremely co-operative, responsive and competent for resolving day-to-day technical issues that occur in our regular simulation activities. This increased our confidence in capabilities of Altair simulation solutions, inspiring us to explore more offerings from Altair HyperWorks going forward."

Girish Kokane, Asst. General Manager (R&D)-Advanced Engineering
Endurance Technologies Ltd

"With HyperWorks Suite we were able to get 80% of our products right the first time. We plan to explore more offerings from Altair and we expect our usage of the software will only grow over time. We are extremely happy with the support and training provided to us by Altair and DesignTech team."

Mr. Brijesh Sujan
Head R & D. Sujan CooperStandard