Stratasys Research Package

Stratasys Research Package

Whether you need to produce small inserts, hydraulic channels, moving parts or experimental parts, the Stratasys advanced PolyJet software solutions package will give you the tools, flexibility and support you need to elevate your research.

The Research & Education Package is an advanced software tool enabling power users and researchers to experiment with PolyJet Technology J7 & J8 Series (J700/J720 printers excluded) to gain flexibility and promote innovation into the realm of 3D printing. It empowers researchers, designers and entrepreneurs with PolyJet advanced tools to accelerate innovation. It extends modelling capabilities and powers your ability to customize and push the boundaries of new ideas with features such as the GrabCAD® Parameter Editor, Liquid and Air Printing, Pause & Resume and Advanced Voxel Print. The Stratasys Research Package allows you to produce innovative and creative work —including embedded electronics, microfluidics, soft robotics and more —in a wide range of fields.  The GrabCAD Voxel Print™ software allows advanced users, like academic researchers, to define data volumetrically for each 3D voxel throughout the entire model.

The Research Package software tool comes with a dedicated Software License and is offered as SaaS, and is covered by all available service contracts for the said systems (Sapphire, Emerald or Diamond Care). Voxel Print customers are entitled to a free upgrade to the Research Package (until expiration date)

Use Cases

  • Smart Insert
  • Hydraulic Channels
  • Moving Parts & Actuators
  • Delicate Accurate Parts
  • Experimentation