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"IFB R&D team, wanted to speed up their product development lead time, reduce cost and produce parts with complex geometries without worrying about the required number of variations and iterations. The team wanted 3D printed parts to be tough and display good finish, they decided to invest in Stratasys 3D Printing and acquired the Fortus 900 mc 3D Printer for the high quality materials and printing it offered. We are very happy with the way DesignTech Systems supports us. They not only pay us scheduled visits for machine maintenance, but are also very prompt in providing technical assistance in case of breakdowns. Not only this, DesignTech also conducts useful trainings for our staff, which help us better utilize our 3D Printers in newer applications."

Vithal Fadte
IFB 3D Printing Lab

"Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT), invested in Stratasys 3D Printers for their healthcare product development. We found Stratasys 3D Printers to be very office friendly, easy to use, maintenance free, and potentially safe. We can now easily print complex products that fit excellently and help us in our endeavor of making lives of patients easy. As for DesignTech, the CIT’s research team has only words of praise, so much so, that that have recommended them to other research institutes. The CIT team is thankful to the DesignTech team for their help in selecting the right printer, providing appropriate training, and continuing their support throughout their journey."

Dr. Rajesh Ranganathan
Coimbatore Institute of Technology

"Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College obtained Stratasys FDM technology, 3D Printers to print the life-size prototype from ABS thermoplastic. Stratasys 3D Printed parts helped in minimally invasive surgeries and precise procedures, which lead to enhanced patient safety and huge reduction in operation time. We received very good and active support from DesignTech Systems. They extended their full support towards Training our PHD scholars and our training staff. The best part about DesignTech team is the way they have maintained the Customer Relationship with us."

Prof. Rupinder Singh
Manufacturing Research Lab, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College