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""Students and faculty members of K.K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research are making regular use of MATLAB Campus Wide license. This has helped our students use MATLAB in a wide variety of courses for various departments. MathWorks provides free online courses, which is enabling our faculty members and students to get insights on different toolboxes. Model-Based Design is facilitating our students to simulate and generate code for targeted hardware. MathWorks and DesignTech teams are providing us with regular support by conducting various webinars.”"

Prof. Dr. DM Chandwadkar, Head of Department – Electronics and Tele Communication
K.K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research

"Cummins College has Matlab campus wide licenses, used by faculty and students for various lab courses. Matlab has a very user friendly GUI making it easy to implement AI, ML, deep learning algorithms and evaluate them too. The user guide of Matlab is very useful in understanding the concepts and implementing them. During the pandemic students were able to implement Matlab codes through the mobile apps by connecting to cloud based Matlab solution. The support from DesignTech and MathWorks team is really appreciated. During the faculty Development program, the resource person from MathWorks conducted the sessions on emerging technologies which was very well received by the attendees. Apart from the support from DesignTech and MathWorks, India team of Cummins College Alumni worked with MathWorks Inc., Boston to conduct online workshops on building smart fitness tracker using our own mobile devices, AR/AI workshop, etc. "

Dr. Mrudul Dixit
Dean Alumni, Assistant Professor(E&TC Dept.), Cummins College of Engineering - Pune