solidscape s series

Solidscape S Series

Solidscape S Series Features:

The S Series high precision 3D printers from Solidscape offer custom jewellery production processes. Jewellery manufacturers and investment casting companies can reap the benefits of the new casting material introduced by Solidscape. All the printers in the S series allow jewellers to create highly accurate, directly castable wax models with complex geometries. The new material allows for a precise and smooth finish. The printers in this series (S - 500 Machine,  S - 350 Machine, S - 370 Machine and S- 390 Machine) make use of Solidscape's Smooth Curvature Printing technology that is a blend of drop on demand jetting with fine milling to deliver a very accurate and fine surface finish demanded by the jewellery industry.

Melt Away Supports: Auto-generated supports dissolve, hands-free, in a non-toxic process
Clean Burnout: Fast melt out, no thermal expansion and no ash or residue.

In India, these 3D printers (especially useful to jewellery manufacturer) are distributed by DesignTech Systems. To know more about these 3D printers, click on a link below.

  • Solidscape S - 500 Machine
  • Solidscape S - 350 Machine
  • Solidscape S - 370 Machine
  • Solidscape S - 390 Machine