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Rosetta Stone Adaptive Blended Learning

Rosetta Stone Inc. (NYSE: RST) is dedicated to developing innovative digital solutions that drive positive learning outcomes for inspired language learners in schools and workplaces around the world.

From the start, every word a learner hears, speaks, and reads is in their new language. That’s our Dynamic Immersion® method, the most natural way to learn a language.

Our TruAccent™ speech-recognition engine guides pronunciation, without judging. That allows each learner time to practice what they say to achieve speaking confidence.

Live Tutoring sessions led by native speakers enable learners to practice conversation on topics that match their current lesson and proficiency level, preparing them to speak their new language out in the real world.

More than 22,000+ educational institutions, 9,000+ public sector organizations, and 12,000+ corporations worldwide have partnered with Rosetta Stone to equip students, staff, and employees with the confidence to speak for themselves.

Founded in 1992, Rosetta Stone's language division uses cloud-based solutions to help all types of learners read, write, and speak more than 30 languages. Lexia Learning, Rosetta Stone's literacy education division, was founded more than 30 years ago and is a leader in the literacy education space. Today, Lexia helps students build fundamental reading skills through its rigorously researched, independently evaluated, and widely respected instruction and assessment programs.

DesignTech is the partner of Rosetta Stone in Singapore and Malaysia for distribution and support of the following modules:

Higher Education:

The Rosetta Stone Language Learning Suite provides the entire campus community from students, faculty, and staff, with the language skills needed to engage with the global community. There are different solutions modules from Foundations to Library, Custom Solutions in English and other languages. 

K-12 Schools: 

Whatever inspires students to learn a language, Rosetta Stone personalizes the experience. That’s good news for English and world language students excited about learning—in your classroom and beyond.


Learning new business languages takes practice. Rosetta Stone gets employees talking and perfecting their pronunciation right away. So they’ll be ready to speak for themselves and your business in no time.

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