hyperMILL – CAM software for NC programming

hyperMILL – CAM software for NC programming

Open Mind Technologies, AG develops high end CAD/CAM software solutions. The company has a strong focus especially in the CAM domain. The latest offering from Open Mind is hyperMILL, a trend setting, innovative CAM software that enables substantial quality, time and cost improvements to end users. 

hyperMILL is a state-of-the-art CAM solution that offers 2.5D, 3D, 5-axis milling and turning, as well as machining operations such as high-speed cutting and high performance cutting. What is more, all of these are available in a single interface. The special applications for milling impellers, blisks, turbine blades, tubes and tire moulds complete the range of functions available in hyperMILL.

Benefits of hyperMILL from Open Mind:

  • CAM strategies that are easy to operate
  • Comprehensive range of machining operations for simple to complex components
  • The world’s leading 5-axis technology
  • One postprocessor for all milling and turning operations
  • Extensive automation
  • Integration with leading CAD systems
  • Reliable processes thanks to true-to-detail simulation and comprehensive collision control
  • State-of-the-art CAD / CAM technologies for optimal programming and manufacturing
  • Continuous and efficient processes, reduced processing times and extremely high level of reliability
  • Gets the most out of machine tools