Altair Physics Solvers & Optimization

Altair Physics Solvers & Optimization

3D geometric models have become the foundation for advanced numerical analysis methods, including kinematic analysis, kinetic analysis, and finite-element methods for stress, fluid, magnetic, and thermal systems. Altair Engineering is the industry leader providing analysis and optimization solutions for product desgin and development. The current range of Altair's software in this domain includes RADIOSS, AcuSolve, OptiStruct, HyperStudy, MotionSolve, HyperForm and HyperXtrude. Each software offers unique insights to improve the overall performance of a design / product. 

In India, one of the leading distributors for RADIOSS, AcuSolve, OptiStruct, HyperStudy, MotionSolve, HyperForm and HyperXtrude are DesignTech Systems.

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  • Altair OptiStruct
  • Altair RADIOSS
  • Altair AcuSolve
  • Altair FEKO
  • Altair WinProp
  • Altair Flux
  • Altair MotionSolve
  • Altair EDEM
  • Altair PollEx
  • Altair HyperLife
  • Altair nanoFluidX
  • Altair UltraFluidX
  • Altair ElectroFlo
  • Altair Multiscale Designer
  • Altair ESAComp
  • Altair HyperStudy
  • Altair Tailored Solutions