ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps is built on ThingWorx, PTC’s industry-leading IoT platform. Essentially, ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps are a set of role-based apps that can be installed and configured in a hassle free manner without impacting production. Typically needing less than an hour to install, ThingWorx manufacturing apps are 100% web-enabled and accessible via any browser. This enables engineers to view, understand, and act on industrial data in real time.

Key Benefits of ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps :

  • Fast to deploy – install and configure in less than an hour.
  • Role based Intelligence - real-time, actionable access to operational information leads to proactive and faster decision making
  • Flexible to evolve – code-less app extensibility for rapid continuous innovation
  • Built on the ThingWorx Platform – the most proven, purpose built industrial IoT platform - delivering native industrial connectivity, rapid application development and ultimate flexibility, powered by a vibrant ecosystem.
  • The ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps comprise of ThingWorx Controls Advisor and ThingWorx Asset Advisor.
  • The ThingWorx Controls Advisor is a web / mobile application that allows remote monitoring and troubleshooting of machine connectivity.
  • ThingWorx Asset Advisor enables remote monitoring of physical assets in real-time, automatically detect anomalies, and trigger alerts to improve efficiency and quality

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