ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform

ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform

ThingWorx is an industrial IoT platform from PTC. ThingWorx enables engineers to deliver IIoT applications and solutions that accelerate an organization’s digital transformation. It also allows engineers to develop and deploy solutions that solve critical challenges using powerful AR experiences. The ThingWorx platform contains a broad set of features, including multiple connectivity options, application development tools, analytics, and AR – all built around the ThingModel, which is a single, real-time view of a physical object.

With ThingWorx, you can drive new revenue streams by implementing new business models and create value-add opportunities, optimize business processes by combining real-time data with existing systems to increase efficiency and enhance customer experiences by leveraging insights from IoT data to improve service, support, and usability. Leverage powerful new AR technologies to differentiate your offerings using ThingWorx!

Key Features of ThingWorx :

  • Connect disparate devices and applications to enable access to multiple data sources
  •  Build complete industrial IoT solutions and AR experiences quickly and easily
  • Analyze complex industrial IoT data for real-time insights, predictions and recommendations 
  • Experience and engage with physical objects in a more contextualized, actionable way
  • Manage the performance of connected devices, processes, and systems
  • Accelerate time-to-value and return on investment (ROI) of industrial IoT initiatives

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