Synopsys Application Security

Seeker Application Security Testing Software

Seeker Application Security Testing Software

Security testing ensures that systems and applications in an organization are free from any vulnerability or threats. It also helps in detecting all possible security risks in the system and fixing them before any software is launched or deployed.

Seeker from Synopsys is a leading application security testing software that easily integrates with an organization's existing software testing processes. Seeker enables developers to efficiently develop secure applications.

Development teams can use Seeker to search and rectify exploitable security vulnerabilities across multi-tier web applications by integrating dynamic testing and runtime code analysis into the existing development life cycle with no false positives. It also guides developers about how to fix an issue, even if they are not experts in software security.

Key Features of Synopsys Seeker

Synopsys Seeker’s unique technology analyzes and correlates end-to-end flow of data and run-time code execution with simulated attacks. Seeker analyzes the code as it runs, line by line, in response to simulated attacks, as well as the interaction of the code with your sensitive data, across all application tiers and components. Using this technology Seeker is able to identify vulnerabilities that pose a real threat to critical data, including complex vulnerabilities and logical flaws not detectable by any other technology.

For even greater accuracy, Seeker simulates actual exploits on the application, thereby verifying results, eliminating false positives, and determining the impact and business risk of each vulnerability.


Seeker’s “What You See is What You Need to Fix” approach eliminates false positives, ranking vulnerabilities by their impact and provides developers only with relevant results. The results provided by Seeker contain all the information necessary to fix the problem, including a clear explanation of the risk, a technical description, the vulnerable lines of code and relevant, context-based remediation instructions. In addition, Seeker’s visual approach makes it easier to understand the problem and the risk, and includes videos demonstrating the actual attack on the tested application.


Seeker brings simplicity into the SDLC, delivering immediate results with little effort. Seeker’s innovative technology lies behind a simple, intuitive user interface, requiring no security expertise to operate and allowing users with no security background to quickly and easily run tests and receive focused, easy to understand results.

Identifies real business threats

  • Accurate analysis of runtime code and data-flow in correlation with simulated attacks
  • False positives eliminated through exploits and data verification
  • Seeker’s technology provides better, more accurate, identification of all vulnerability types
  • Logical vulnerabilities are identified using the unique runtime code and data-flow correlation, discovering vulnerabilities not detectable by other technologies and approaches

Classifies risks and proposes solutions

  • Seeker provides an accurate assessment of impact and classification of the risk of each vulnerability through simulated exploits and data analysis
  • Exploits created by Seeker are demonstrated through videos showing the actual attack on the tested application
  • Detailed results include the vulnerable source code for each vulnerability
  • Focused context-based remediation information allows developers to immediately fix all vulnerabilities without prior security knowledge
  • Remediation instructions include a simple explanation of the fix as well as suggesting a secure code in the relevant programming language

Integrates security into the development process

  • Seeker does not require any manpower overhead, and can be used without any knowledge of security or advanced technical skills
  • Seeker brings simplicity into the SDLC, delivers immediate results and can be integrated in any development methodologies
  • Accurate, clear and simple, Seeker, the best quality application security testing solution maximizes your return on investment to secure your applications.