Stratasys Neo Series - Neo800, Neo450s and Neo450e

Stratasys Neo Series - Neo800, Neo450s and Neo450e

Stereolithography (SL) is one of the oldest types of 3D printing, in which laser light is applied to photosensitive polymers for prototype formation. The advantages of stereolithography include smooth finish with intricate details, short print times and a wide choice of printing material.
The Stratasys Neo Series family of 3D printers is based on Stereolithograhy technology, and includes the Stratasys Neo800, Stratasys Neo450s and Stratasys Neo450e.

These high resolution SL resin 3D printers provide exceptional part sidewall quality, faster build speeds, and a versatile performance. The open-system Stratasys Neo 3D Printer streamlines wokflow to deliver dependable, scalable fabrication at high speeds. The Neo series uses the power of SL technology to create precise parts efficiently and affordably. They allow a wide choice of resins, build styles, laser power and beam size adjustments. Open-source material capability offers the option to use any 355nm SL resin. This flexibility allows users to customize their specific stereolithography needs. The Neo series of 3D printers is very precise, permitting printing of high-quality build parts with superior surface quality, accuracy and detail. They allow 3D printing of features as small as 0.006” (X & Y) or 0.016” (Z), thanks to the adjustable beam size (80-750um) and Z layer height (50-200um).

Every element of the Neo has been customer-centric. From manufacturing best-in-class components for greater reliability to regular user-driven software updates, the customer is always at the core of the Neo’s development. And the Titanium software that comes with the Stratasys Neo series is not an exception. It is intuitive and very user friendly.  
The Stratasys Neo Stereolithography printers can create large parts, with outstanding surface finish and high resolution. Part quality is consistent at large volumes and highly repeatable. The Neo series allows building of large prototypes, rapid tooling and master patterns with a world-class industrial large-format stereolithography system. The Neo®800, the largest of the three printers, builds high-quality parts with superior surface quality, accuracy and detail.

Neo stereolithography 3D printers are equipped with a powerful laser, 3-axis dynamic scanning system. Coupled with advanced software algorithms, they make these printers highly efficient.


Platform size31.5 x 31.5 x 23.6"
(800 x 800 x 600 mm)
17.72 x 17.72 x 15.75"
(450 x 450 x 400 mm)
17.72 x 17.72 x 15.75"
(450 x450 x400 mm)
(printed synonymously)
2 Watt2 Watt1 Watt
Beam size and focus150 to 600 um
(Dynamic and Variable)
80 to 750 um
(Dynamic and Variable)
250 um
Build modesHD and SDHD and SDSD

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