Stratasys J850 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer

Stratasys J850 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer

The Stratasys J850 Digital Anatomy is the latest addition to the stunning, feature rich 3D Printers from the company. A breakthrough in medical 3D Printing, the J850 Digital Anatomy printer is extremely useful for surgical training and medical device development. The printer incorporates a true haptic (i.e. simulating sense of touch to communicate with users) feedback that paves an entirely new way 3D Printers communicate with humans. The J850 is compatible with a new range of printing material geared specifically for producing anatomical models. These new 3D printing material mimics the feel of live tissue, enabling doctors and researchers work with a more realistic operating environment.

Here are the key benefits of the 3D Printer that is based on the full-colour, multi-material J850 Polyjet series:

  • Increases Operating Room Efficiency
  • Produces Ultra-Realistic, functional Models
  • Helps keep Innovation In-House
  • Streamlines Workflow
  • Allows Complex Procedures
  • Provides Optimal Patient Care
  • Medical Materials
  • Accelerates Innovation
  • Provides Hundreds of Preset Models
  • Effective for Training and Development
  • Voxel-Level Control

The Stratasys J850 Printer is available in India at DesignTech Systems; authorized dealers for Stratasys 3D Printers in India.