Solidscape 3Z Series

Solidscape 3Z Studio

Solidscape 3Z Studio

Perfection Simplified!

A true blue jeweller's 3D printer, the Solidscape 3Z Studio allows almost anyone to produce their own intricate wax patterns, ready for casting. It features easy one touch operation, efficient workflow and superior casting results. Simply put, the 3Z Studio allows jewellers to bring their artistic skills with the fore with the power of high precision 3D printer.

3Z Studio is a high precision 3D printer with the following features:

  • High Quality Production
  • Suitable for Custom Retailers
  • 6x6x2 in (15x15x5 cm) envelope
  • Resolution: 5000 x 5000 dots/inch (197 x 197 dots/mm) in X, Y 8000 dots/inch (315 dots/mm) in Z
  • Slice Thicknesses: 6 micron – 25 micron
  • Surface finish: Layer thickness-dependent, up to 32 micro-inches (RMS).
  • Fully automated, restart build from point of interruption.

3Z Series Features and Benefits

One Button StartNo time to start machine, enables remote management and reduction in operator error
Material PackagingEasy to use (10) pack crayon-form material helps manage material consumption effectively
Built-In LCD TouchscreenSaves room, no monitor/mouse necessary
Auto-Bubble and Volume CalibrationAlmost ‘0’ time to set up, enables remote management, encourages proper machine use and consistent model quality
Build Plate Bar Code SystemRemembers up to last 10 plates, promotes efficient production workflow
Dynamic CoolingEnsures consistent model quality and machine performance despite ambient temperature fluctuations
Ease of UseUser-Friendly Touch Screen
One-Button Setup and Start
Automatic Printer Calibration
Improved CutterSharper case harden steel cutter enables cleaner model quality and smooth surface finish
Vacuum SensorAlerts when vacuum bag needs replacement, maintains proper vacuum suction eliminating dust hazard