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SLM® 280 HL

SLM 280 HL

The SLM 280 HL is manufactured by SLM Solutions, Germany and is based on Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology.

The selective laser melting system SLM® 280 HL provides a build chamber of 280 x 280 x 365 mm and a powerful double/multi laser technology. The SLM® 280 HL dispenses with the F-Theta optics and puts on a 3-D scanning optics. This improves not only the laser beam profile but also the quality of components. For the internal optics we use the highest quality level of lenses.

The SLM® 280 HL can be equipped with our powerful double laser technology with two fiber lasers of 400 and 1000 watt and our hull-core imaging technology with two different laser beam profiles or multi laser technology (with two or four 400 watt fiber lasers).

  • Build Size: 280 x 280 x 365 mm
  • Twin Laser option
  • Speed: 55 ccm / h
  • User-friendly system control
  • Laser optics cooled with water and pressured air
  • Platform heating 500° C
  • Reliable process gas filtration, and its double valve system, enable the highest degree of security