SLM Metal 3D Printers

SLM® 125 HL

SLM 125 HL

The SLM 125 HL is an industrial printer. It is manufactured by SLM Solutions, a German company that specializes in 3D printing solutions. 

The new compact Selective Laser Melting System 125 HL produces highly complex metal components using fine metal powders from 3D CAD data files. The extremely economical system is suitable for R&D environments as well as for small lot production areas. This industrial printer is developed using Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology. 

The SLM® 125 HL system can process most metals. Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Cobalt-Chromium, Inconell, Aluminum and Titanium have been processed successfully already.

  • Build Size: 125 x 125 x (125) mm
  • Entry level tool able to handle broad range of metal components
  • Speed: 25 ccm / h
  • Optimized powder handling for smaller heights
  • Produces high-quality metal components using 3D-CAD data
  • Suitable for small lot, as well as in the field of research and development
  • Reduced gas consumption