Programmable PhotoPolymerization P3™

Origin One Dental 3D Printer

Origin One Dental 3D Printer

Speed, accuracy and reliability are important aspects of any 3D printer. The Stratasys Origin One Dental printer delivers on all these fronts with élan.

The Origin One Dental printer is based on Stratasys' proprietary Programmable PhotoPolymerization (P3™) technology. The tightly synchronized P3 print process includes pneumatic controls to reduce pull forces during the print process, resulting in exceptional surface quality, without sacrificing speed or isotropy. The Origin One Dental printer utilizes computer vision and 25+ environmental sensors to monitor and respond to every aspect of the print process. Coupled with an advanced true 4K light engine, P3 enables one of the highest 3D printed part quality and throughput in the industry.

The Origin One Dental 3D printer finds uses in:

Dental Models
Model printing is the largest application in the Dental lab. The Origin One Dental enables high accuracy for both restorative models and Orthodontic models . With competitive resin prices and high throughput, the Origin One Dental printer is a perfect match for this demanding application.

The use of occlusal appliances is quickly becoming the standard of care. Origin One Dental printed splints, night guards, and bleaching trays provide a comfortable fit, flexibility to engage undercuts, and excellent resistance to wear.

Surgical Guides
Fabricate transparent, highly accurate surgical guides to help your customers place implants at a precise angle and depth. Print small batches or full build plates quickly.

A wide choice of 3D printing material is an added advantage of the Stratasys Origin One Dental printer.

Technical Specifications

TechnologyProgrammable PhotoPolymerization P3™
MaterialsMaterials Materials from Stratasys ecosystem material partners.
Refer to Stratasys website for an up-to-date selection.
Build Envelope (XYZ)Build Envelope (XYZ) 192 x 108 x 370 mm / 7,672 cm3 (7.5 x 4.25 x 14.5 in. / 462 in3)
Resolution4K light engine
ProcessEnergy UV (385nm) and thermal
Software Origin One cloud based web application
Compliance CE, FCC
Facility Requirements
Power Requirements 90–264 VAC, 50–60 HZ, 700 W, 1 phase
Network ConnectivityEthernet
VentilationRefer to photopolymer material MSDS or contact Stratasys rep for guidelines.
Operating ConditionsOperating temperature 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
Operating Humidity 30% to 70%
Gas Input (optional) Facility air or inert gases
Gas Exhaust (optional)Facility exhaust
Material Handling
Resin Tray Capacity2L
Resin Storage Temp Typically 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
Security Features
Printer Authentication  Cryptographically-secure handshake
Network SecurityIndustry-standard end-to-end encryption

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