Stratasys Dental Series 3D Printers

Stratasys Objet260 and Objet500 Dental Selection

Stratasys Objet260 and Objet500 Dental Selection

Optimize versatility and throughput

The Objet260 and Objet500 Dental Selection are high end 3D printers from Stratasys that allow you to take your dental practice to the next level. These printers use the advanced triple-jetting technology to bring a new dimension to dental and orthodontics clinics and labs. They allow you to choose from two build sizes to 3D print impressively realistic models with true-to-life look and feel.

These versatile 3D printers also let you build most realistic dental models with lifelike textures for precise evaluation and a wide range of shades for customized color matching. What is more, they also handle a variety of dental and orthodontic applications including:

  • Implant testing with stone models that mimic real gum-like textures for accurate evaluation
  • Single models, or groups of models, that require several materials to be built simultaneously in one unattended job
  • Jaw models 3D printed directly from CBCT scan data, with high-definition tooth, root and nerve canal anatomy rendered in contrasting materials

Another striking feature of these 3D printers is their ability to support all open format color intraoral scanners.