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SYSWELD for welding SYSWELD for Heat Treatment SYSWELD for Distortion

The ESI Group is a world leader in providing digital simulation software solutions for virtual prototyping and manufacturing processes that take into account the physics of materials.

The SYSWELD suite of solution from ESI provides engineering simulation and turnkey solutions for heat treatment, welding & welding assembly. The software answers typical engineering questions like:

  • Is the manufacturing process viable?
  • What will be the longevity of the product? And
  • How to avoid design flaws?

SYSWELD is simulation software par excellence for heat treatment, welding and welding assembly processes that assists in design and manufacturing process and in-service issues that may arise. It takes into account all aspects of material behaviour, design and processes, resulting in reduction of product lead time.

SYSWELD for welding

SYSWELD is the ideal simulation tool for improving the welding and welding assembly processes, ensuring better part quality.

Welding engineers strive to find the optimum balance between distortions, residual stresses and plastic strains. ESI SYSWELD assists the engineers in fully optimizing the process type and the process parameters. It provides realistic input data for subsequent structural behavior, durability and crash analyses.

Main Benefits of SYSWELD for Welding & Assembly

  • Minimize prototyping costs
  • Develop and optimize a welding plan in a short timeframe
  • Keep welding distortions within allowable tolerances
  • Control high stresses in the welding design
  • Guarantee the highest quality welds

SYSWELD for Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is an indispensable step in the manufacturing of metallic products. Critical success factors in the heat treatment market focus on safe processes, minimizing part distortions and improving durability.

The SYSWELD heat treatment simulation solution resolves issues that designers, process planners and manufacturing practitioners face. It allows engineers to perform non-linear computations with all the material properties depending on temperature, phases / material transformations, proportion of chemical elements and auxillary variables.

Main Benefits of SYSWELD in Heat Treatment Simulation

  • Avoid component distortion and high material hardness during or after heat transfer
  • Obtain correct material strength, toughness and hardness
  • Ensure high wear resistance of the contacting surfaces
  • Achieve the required distribution of residual stresses

SYSWELD for Distortion

SYSWELD for DistortionDistortion is a system property, and distortion control during manufacturing processes must follow a system-oriented approach. There are various parameters that affect distortion. Not only do they influence the distortion directly but also interact with each other, thereby enhancing or reducing effects of the others. ESI SYSWELD provides useful insights that help engineers in careful selection of influencing parameters in the investigated manufacturing process chain, allowing them to choose an optimal solution.

Main Benefits of SYSWELD in Distortion Engineering Simulation

  • Reduce the amount of prototyping and distortion repair work
  • Develop a weld plan
  • Identify distortion directions and magnitude
  • Keep distortion within given tolerances
  • Minimize gap fit up forces
  • Minimize deviation from fixture forces
  • Minimize the amount of weld consumables needed
  • Minimize clamp tooling