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Altair Solvers and Optimization - WinProp™

Wave Propagation and Radio Network Planning

This is a very comprehensive suite of tools in the realm of wireless propagation and radio network planning. Altair WinProp finds applications in a wide range of fields - from satellite to terrestrial and from rural via urban to indoor radio links. The innovative wave propagation models of Altair WinProp combine accuracy with short computation time.

Product Highlights

  • Innovative, either empirical or ray optical/deterministic wave propagation models combining high accuracy and short computation times
  • Wide range of scenarios and map data supported, even allowing combination of different scenarios for hybrid analyses
  • Network planning modules available for most standards (cellular incl. LTE and beyond, W-LAN, etc.)
  • The flexible Altair WinProp API allows the integration of the wave propagation models and network planning modules into other software tools