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Altair Cloud and HPC Solutions-SmartSight

Advanced Data Analytics Solution

Altair SmartSight is a cloud-based analytics platform for embedded, big data, and IoT applications. Architected for an optimized self-service user experience, the platform simplifies data visualization, exploration, and analysis.

Feature Highlights

  • True Cloud Based Analytics : Multi-tenant architecture. Zero software footprint.Get started in minutes.
  • IoT Connections : Connections to web service URL to fetch data packets or MQTT service to receive push notifications. Dashboards update in real-time.
  • Self-service User Experience : For both novices and BI professionals. Drag & drop GUI, data previews and user workflows to speed up discovery.
  • Search Based Dashboarding : User can enter a text string to automatically build a dashboard on indexed dimensions of a data source.
  • Analytical Data Engine Included : In- memory columnar data engine allows fast on-the-fly data analysis. Bring your own engine to leverage existing data warehouse investments.
  • Alerts & Notifications : Define alerts to be delivered to emails recipients when a value is outside a user defined threshold.
  • End-to-End Security Encryption : Data-in-flight is SSL encrypted. Data-at-Rest is secured by multiple layers of industry accepted protocols.
  • Auto ML & Forecasting : Build ML models without the need for coding. Analyze data against multiple predictive models and pick the ‘best’ model for predicting/scoring new data.