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Altair PollEx

Altair PollEx - EDA Software to Speed up Electronic Systems Development

Electronic components are electrically connected within a board with printed circuit boards (PCBs), which are the core components of most of the electronic appliances and circuits. While PCB design tools are traditionally reserved for PCB design engineers, engineers from other disciplines like hardware design, manufacturing, testing and mechanical need to also access, review and analyze the design and manufacturing data of PCBs and their Integrated Circuit (IC) packages. Altair PollEx is a PCB level electronic design automation (EDA) software suite covering design, analysis, verifications and manufacturing to significantly reduce development cycles while providing a common application for electrical, electronic and manufacturing engineers. It is an open solution, which means it transfers data seamlessly between different ECAD and simulation environments. PollEx provides unsurpassed connectivity to all relevant ECAD systems and formats as well to third party PCB simulation software and brings Design for Excellence (DfX) through a common application and a powerful set of rule-based design checks addressing post-design process constraints in the early design stages.

Its many features include query, measure, finding objects, and various reporting. PollEx operates in an open environment, which can transfer data flawlessly between different ECAD and simulation environments.

Salient features of Altair PollEx include:

  • Unified Part Library: Collaborate throughout product development with physical, logical, thermal, electrical, and assembly attribute data maintained in one place
  • Early Design Simulation: PollEx provides checks for signal integrity, power integrity, EMI vulnerability and ESD protection, verifying return path routing, balanced differential pairs, and other criteria
  • Detailed Performance Analysis: Achieve the performance and usability targets of today’s tightly packaged electronic devices with export to the engineering simulation across all disciplines
  • Manufacturing Support: Increase efficiency of PCB fabrication, assembly, and end-of-line testing, with the export of fabricating, mounting, paneling, and testing data to production line machinery
  • Integrates with Existing Tools: Pollex reads major ECAD file formats including: ODB++, IPC 2581, Gerber, Altium, Cadence, CADVANE, EAGLE, Mentor Graphics, PowerPCB, Zuken, and CAM350
  • Part of a Broad Product Development Suite: Take advantage of Altair Units to employ Altair solvers including Altair OptiStruct™, Altair Radioss™, and Altair FEKO™, for detailed thermal, stress / vibration / drop, and EMI / EMC analysis

DesignTech Systems is the business partner of Altair PollEx in India and Singapore.