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Altair MotionView

Altair Modeling Visualization - Altair MotionView

Multi-body Systems Modeling

Altair MotionView is a user-friendly and intuitive multi-body systems modelling environment. It has built-in parametric modelling capability. The hierarchical modelling language that MotionView provides allows users to quickly build, analyze, and improve mechanical system designs even before physical prototypes are available. MotionView views in tandem with Altair MotionSolve, Altair MotionView to provide the perfect solution for users' multi-body dynamics simulation needs. 

Product Highlights

  • Intuitive, solver neutral environment for multi-body systems modeling
  • Hierarchical modeling
  • Built-in parametric modeling for efficient studies of model variations
  • User extensible GUI and data model to support product customization
  • Automated assembly for complex systems