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Altair Inspire Studio

Altair Inspire Studio - 3D Design and Rendering Software

Altair Inspire Studio permits designers to create, evaluate and visualize designs faster than ever before. Traditional CAD packages have rigid workflows that make designing organic surfaces challenging. Inspire Studio addresses this challenge with a mix of parametric NURBS and polygonal modeling tools. It thus speeds up the design of free-form surfaces. This flexible tool is suitable for creating organic surfaces, parametric body models and NURBS based surface and body models. It's powerful construction history tool and an intuitive user interface allows designers to quickly create, explore multiple iterations, and make changes without any rework. It enhances flexibility by combining fast, free-form polygonal modeling with the control and precision of surface and solid modeling to effortlessly create and explore even the most challenging designs.  Inspire Studio’s rendering engine creates stunning images and complex animations in real time with physically accurate lighting.

Salient Features of Altair Inspire Studio include:

  • Construction History: Automatically backtrack to an earlier stage of your design, reusing or modifying objects from past stages in real-time
  • Sketching: Create and edit constraint-based technical sketches by easily applying geometric relationships between components
  • Surfaces and Curves: Utilize Non-uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) curves and surfaces to accurately represent even the most complex shapes with flexibility and precision
  • PolyNURBS: Combine the ease and simplicity of polygonal modeling with the precision and flexibility of NURBS to quickly create free-form surface and solid geometry that is smooth and continuous
  • Rendering and Animations: Create high-quality rendered images and animations with a physically based global illumination engine in biased photorealistic, unbiased, and Presto interactive modes
  • Tool Belts: One-click access to all modeling and rendering tools brings any functionality directly to you. Customize tool belts to meet your needs
  • Manufacturing Drawings: Create detailed 2D drawings of complex 3D models and assemblies from multiple perspectives. Functionalities include one-click view creation, section and detail views, linear, angular, radial, and ordinate dimensions, as well as annotations
  • Design Tables: Create design iterations, exploring and evaluating design alternatives on the fly using a design table. Quickly modify and set thresholds for the various parameters of a model, without having to dig through construction history
  • Geometry Morphing: Complex geometries can easily be interactively edited with the easy and intuitive ‘Deform’ capability, either at the global part level or applying local modifications to the model.

DesignTech Systems is the business partner of Altair Inspire Studio in India and Singapore.