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Altair Inspire Render

Altair Inspire Render

Altair Inspire Render – 3D Rendering and Animation Software

Altair Inspire Render accelerates decision making with powerful graphical processing units (GPU). These GPUs accelerate numerical simulation that delivers significant increases in speed and therefore, throughput. This allows designers to explore and fine tune designs, make faster decisions based on more accurate results, and reduce time-to-market. In addition, creativity is enhanced, with more vivid, realistic and accurate rendering and visualization put within easier reach. Users can achieve near perfect scalability by deploying its energy efficient computing capabilities. Inspire Render provides an elastic hybrid environment, and allows users to gain significant design workflow speedup, enables artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), 5G connectivity and deep learning. Inspire Render runs both on Mac OZ X and Windows as a standalone product or under Altair's flexible token-based licensing model.

Salient features of Altair Inspire Render include:

  • Light Simulation: Using a strong mathematical framework, the light simulation core performs calculations in the full visible spectral space to inspect complex phenomena like volumetric scattering and spectral dispersion
  • Interactive Rendering: Get immediate feedback on your scene, navigating throughout and applying materials and lighting. It's fun to setup and accelerates productivity
  • Instancing: Render millions of instanced polygons without issue due to efficient geometric compression techniques. If a scene exceeds a GPU, then run entirely on the CPU
  • Denoising: Leverage NVIDIA OptiX to deliver fast, unsurpassed denoised renders. If a NVIDIA graphic card is not available, the built-in denoiser can still accelerate production rendering
  • Material Library: Drag-n-drop materials from the built-in comprehensive library, or custom build from a basic, metal, glass/gem, coating, metallic flake, emitter, or shadow catcher material
  • Open Framework: Having I/O interfaces to most common CAD and CAID tools included at no extra cost, Inspire Render integrates extremely easily in existing workflows.

DesignTech Systems is the business partner of Altair Inspire Render in India and Singapore.