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Altair Inspire Print3D

Altair Inspire Print3D

Altair Inspire Print3D - Product Development and Process Simulation Solution

Inspire Print3D provides a robust toolset to augment part design for manufacturing processes that use the selective laser melting (SLM) 3D printing technology. The easy-to-use, advanced thermo-mechanical solution is geared towards efficient design for additive manufacturing. It reduces cuts product development and additive manufacturing cost. The simulation tool assists designers and engineers to identify and correct potential issues before building a part and quickly evaluate the effects of process and design changes. Altair Inspire simulates the process from building and cooling to cutting and springback, generates support structures as part of the design process,reduces material usage and print and post processing times. You can also analyze the printed part for displacement, Von Mises stress, temperature, and plastic strain. Inspire Print3D enables reduction in product development and additive manufacturing costs by reducing material usage, print times, and post-processing. By reducing the number of supports needed, Inspire facilitates optimal orientation on the print bed. The tool embeds a growing library of supported materials and 3D printers, and exports ready-to-print files with part and support.

Salient features of Altair Inspire Print3D include:

  • Part and Supports Design: Generate support structures as part of the design process; interactively create and edit supports within the same environment as the designed part
  • Easy-to-learn Environment: The intuitive, process-driven user experience enables users to gain deep manufacturing insights quickly, driving faster and better design decisions
  • Printing Analysis: Run the embedded thermo-mechanical solver to accurately simulate the entire printing process from building and cooling to cutting and springback
  • Identify Defects: Easily detect and plot defects - large deformation, excessive heating, de-lamination - to aid design or process modification
  • Materials and Printers: Select from the growing library of additive manufacturing materials and standard printers or apply a variety of advanced options for a customized setup
  • Ready for Printing: Assess the part layer-by-layer to validate its geometry even before any 3D printing analysis is performed, then export a file containing the prepped part and supports

DesignTech Systems is the business partner of Altair Inspire Print3D in India and Singapore.