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Altair Inspire Mold

Altair Inspire Mold

Altair Inspire Mold – Software for Plastic Injection Moulding Simulation

Altair Inspire Mold provides an end to end solution for simulation the plastic injection moulding process. Altair Inspire Mold enables designers and designers to provide better, intuitive and intelligent evaluation of injection moulded plastic parts at the earliest stage, without undermining the development schedule. The sophisticated tool empowers engineers to determine manufacturability at early stages and mitigate possible defects before investing in costly tooling. With this simulation tool, designers can complete design iterations quickly to identify an optimal solution. One salient aspect of Altair Inspire Mold is that there are no requirements for specialized, GPU-computing hardware.

Altair Inspire Mold incorporates all the concept CAD capabilities – NURBS and polygonal modeling – plus physics simulation (structures, motion) and manufacturing processes including casting, forming, extrusion, and 3D Printing. Inspire Mold joins Altair’s existing Inspire manufacturing simulation offerings including casting, forming, mold-filling, extrusion and additive manufacturing.

Salient Features of Altair Inspire Mold include:

  • Generate Mold Design: Build the initial mold starting from a 3D part design
  • Mold/Part Configurations: Test and optimize different configurations in seconds, including multiple cavities, mold inserts, sprue, and runner systems
  • Advanced Physics: Supported physics include filling, packing, cooling, and warpage simulation
  • Defect Prediction: Easily detect typical manufacturing defects such as sink marks, short shots, air traps, weld lines, jetting and hesitation
  • Fibre-reinforced Parts: Simulate fibre orientation and easily apply results to advanced structural analyses of composite materials
  • Access to Materials Data: Data for 60 materials is pre-embedded in Inspire Mold

DesignTech Systems is the business partner of Altair Inspire Mold in India and Singapore.