Altair Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Altair Inspire Form

Altair Simulation-Driven Design-Inspire Form

Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Software

Altair Inspire Form is a unique software that enables users to optimally design sheet metal components considering manufacturing feasibility and material cost. This stamping simulation software from Altair allows users to better design products while reducing lead time by enabling early consideration of formability, process parameters, material utilization, and cost. 

Product Highlights

  • Stamping simulation software with the ability to do product design, feasibility analysis and cost estimation.
  • User-friendly interface facilitating natural workflow for innovative user experience.
  • Identify potential stamping defects such as splits and wrinkles and modify product design early in the design cycle.
  • Quick and optimal nesting of blank in the sheet metal coil to maximize material utilization for progressive and transfer die forming.