Altair High-performance Cloud Computing (HPC)

Altair HyperWorks Unlimited

Altair HyperWorks Unlimited

Altair HyperWorks Unlimited® – High Performance Cloud Computing

Today, time-to-market a product can prove to be a game changer. Product developers rely on computer aided engineering (CAE) simulation to design innovative, safe and highly efficient products. This simulation software is used to model, simulate, visualize and develop cutting-edge products. However, it is not easy for small and mid-sized companies to architect a high performance computing (HPC) cluster to design a solution as they typically lack skilled and dedicated IT personnel and / or HPC expertise.  Tracking software licenses and getting software support for engineering teams is another challenge in deploying CAE applications without in-house technical expertise. Altair HyperWorks Unlimited appliance addresses this challenge to provide a turnkey, state-of-the-art private HPC appliance, available in both on-premises and cloud-based formats. Altair HyperWorks Unlimited delivers unlimited use of a wide range of Altair HyperWorks™ solver software for simulating mechanics, fluids, electromagnetics, and more — including modelling, visualization, and optimization that enables engineers and manufacturers to optimize production in the least time.

HyperWorks Unlimited boxes up software, system administration, and infrastructure as a service into a single, intuitive platform, making HPC easy even for the uninitiated.

DesignTech Systems is the business partner of Altair HyperWorks Unlimited in India and Singapore.