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Altair HyperStudy™

Altair Solvers and Optimization Software - HyperStudy™

Multi-disciplinary Design Exploration & Optimization

Altair HyperStudy® is a multi-disciplinary design exploration, study, and optimization software for engineers and designers. HyperStudy uses design-of-experiments, meta-modelling, and optimization methods to create intelligent design variants, manage runs and collect data. The software enables users to understand data trends, perform trade-off studies, and optimize design performance and reliability. It has a user friendly, intuitive interface and integrates seamlessly with Altair HyperWorks™ to make design exploration technology accessible to even users who are not experts.

Product Highlights

  • State-of-the-art design exploration, metamodeling, and optimization methods
  • Data mining tools that are easy to understand and interpret
  • Direct interface to the most popular CAE solvers
  • Fully integrated with Altair HyperWorks®, seamless shape optimization via Altair HyperMorph®