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Altair HyperLife™

Altair HyperLife™

Altair HyperLife – Fatigue Simulation Software

Fatigue is a mechanical property of a material that describes the long effect of repeated or cyclic straining action. Fatigue eventually causes strain that leads to the breaking of the material. Mechanical fatigue is a critical aspect of component design, as it determines the usable life of a component or mechanical system. HyperLife from Altair is a comprehensive toolset for durability analysis, directly interfacing with all the major finite element analysis (FEA) results files that runs on a solver-neutral framework. Altair HyperLife enables engineers to quickly understand potential durability issues through an easy-to-learn solution for fatigue life under static, transient and vibration loading. Since fatigue analysis is not required every day, Altair has taken care to ensure that HyperLife is intuitive and an easy to use simulation solution. The tool enables test engineers to perform simulations with little or no training, and makes them quickly understand potential durability issues through an easy-to-learn solution for fatigue life under static and transient loading.
Altair HyperLife simulates fatigue testing within hours with maximum accuracy compared to physical testing which can often take months. It allows engineers to evaluate damage and cycles to failure, faster and earlier, to ensure durability targets are hit without time-consuming and expensive redesigns.

Salient features of Altair HyperLife include:

  • Available Modules: Available fatigue life modules include: Uniaxial SN / EN, Multiaxial SN / EN, Dang Van (FOS), and Weld Fatigue (Spot Weld and Seam Weld)
  • Materials: A comprehensive embedded Material database within the standard installation (// HyperLife also supports all the major weld regulations (Eurocode 3/9, FKM, etc.)
  • Welds: Weld Fatigue assessment is available for Spot Welds and Seam Welds, based respectively on RUPP and VOLVO methods
  • Signal Processing: A simple yet robust signal processing within the LoadMap utility. Durability can be automatically or manually derived for pairing FEA load cases with fatigue load history files
  • Analysis: Review Fatigue analysis settings before starting the run. Once the analysis is completed, the results can then be used to visualize contours plots and histograms
  • Utilities: HyperLife offers a complete tool kit of utilities to manage the largest, most complex FE data, including loadmapper, Reports, and more

DesignTech Systems is the business partner of Altair HyperLife in India and Singapore.