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Altair Design, Modelling and Visualization - Altair HyperGraph™

2D & 3D Plotting and Data Analysis

Altair HyperGraph® is an intuitive and powerful data analysis and plotting tool. It has a sophisticated math engine that makes processing even the most complex mathematical expressions a breeze. The software offers interface to many popular file formats. Altair HyperGraph combines these features with high-quality presentation output and customization capabilities to create a complete data analysis system for any organization.

Product Highlights

  • Plots huge amounts of data in a customized layout from single or multiple result files
  • Fast repetitive plot generation through report templates
  • Efficient data comparison between model iterations or simulation and test data
  • Fully automated PowerPoint report generation
  • Over 200 built-in mathematical functions and operators
  • Interfaces with more than 130 data formats