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Altair FluxMotor®

 Altair Simulation-Driven Design- FluxMotor®

Electric Rotating Motor Design

Electric rotating motors play a very important role in the industrial sector. Altair FluxMotor is a robust and scalable software tool dedicated to the pre-design of electric rotating machines. It enables the user to build a machine from standard or customized parts, add windings and materials to run a selection of tests and compare results. When necessary, connection with Altair Flux™ finite element software enables more advanced studies, taking into account more complex phenomenon.

Product Highlights

  • Dedicated to electric rotating motor design
  • Rapidity of design
  • A user-oriented winding tool
  • Automated tests and reports allowing quick evaluation of machine efficiency
  • Fast without compromising accuracy
  • Open material database
  • Effective machine parts management (slots, magnet shapes, etc.)with possible customizations
  • An innovative way to manage projects with catalogs