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High Frequency Electromagnetics and Antenna Design

Altair Feko is a well known electromagnetic simulation software. It uses a blend of multiple frequency and time domain techniques to deliver true hybridization. This helps enable the efficient analysis of a broad spectrum of electromagnetic problems mainly related to antenna design and placement, scattering, radar cross section (RCS) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), including electromagnetic pulses (EMP), lightning effects, high intensity radiated fields (HIRF) and radiation hazard.

Product Highlights

  • State-of-the art simulation tool for antenna design and placement, and RCS
  • EMC analysis, including emissions, immunity, and shielding effectiveness
  • Wide set of hybridized methods to solve large and complex problems
  • Specialized tools, including windscreen antennas, arrays, cable modeling, and CMA
  • HPC-enabled efficient, reliable, and accurate solvers