Altair Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Altair Embed® / Digital Power Designer

Altair Simulation-Driven Design - Embed®

Visual Environment for Embedded Systems

Altair Embed is an intuitive graphical environment for model-based embedded development. Diagrams are automatically converted to highly-optimized and compact code. Such code is essential for low-cost microprocessors and high-speed sampling rates. The code can be verified, debugged and tuned with off-line simulation before downloading it to the target microcontroller (MCU).

Product Highlights

1.Highly efficient diagram-to-code capability

  • Visual real-time operating system
  • Fast run time
  • Low memory footprint
  • Human readable code

2.Interactive SIL, PIL, and HIL

  • Parameter tuning while system is in operation
  • Gaining system insight through data logging, buffering, and digital scopes

3.State charts

  • Graphical editing of Finite State Machines
  • Simulation and code generation

4.Scaled, Fixed-Point Algorithms

  • Fixed-point block library
  • Auto-scaling
  • Fast target code