Altair Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Altair Compose®

Altair Simulation-Driven Design - Compose®

Math, Scripting, Data Processing and Visualization

Altair Compose is a math and programming language based on matrices. It is an interactive & unified programming environment for all types of math – including matrix analysis, differential equations, signal processing, control design, optimization, and much more. It enables engineers, scientists, and product creators to efficiently perform calculations one at a time or grouped together in the form of scripts facilitating process automation. Altair Compose also enables the analysis, processing, and visualization of data such as from CAE or test results. 

Product Highlights

  1. High-level matrix-based interpreted language for numerical computing
  2. Integrated development environment for authoring and debugging all types of math including multi-language support
  3. Built-in connectivity to pre/post-process CAE data or test data
  4. Extensive math libraries:
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Matrix analysis
  • Differential equations
  • Signal processing
  • Control Design
  • Optimization
  • Interactive 2D & 3D plotting