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Altair Activate®

Altair Simulation-Driven Design- Activate®

Multi-Disciplinary System Simulation

Altair Activate provides an open integration platform for modelling, simulating and optimizing multi-disciplinary systems-of-systems using inherent 1D block diagrams. Users have the option to include subsystem models either from Altair's 3D tools, such as Altair MotionSolve™ and Altair Flux™, or from 3rd-party tools. Models can also be imported from Simulink.

Product Highlights

  • Hierarchical systems-of-systems defined as parameterized models
  • Signal-based and physical modeling can be conveniently combined to define a system model
  • Built-in block libraries can be easily managed and extended
  • Model exchange or co-simulation achieved through FMI / FMU
  • Multi-disciplinary models can include multi-body models, electromagnetic models, FEA models, CFD models, and more
  • 0D, 1D and 3D modeling can be used together allowing the best approach