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3DCS Add-on Mechanical Modeler

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It is more challenging to do a variation and tolerance analysis with moving kinematic assemblies than doing it on sheet metal. Since the kinetic assemblies are over-constrained, there is a need for a software geared to handle complex mechanical operations. 3DCS Mechanical Modeler Add-on is the tool you need. This add on from DCS is a fast and easy way to upgrade your 3DCS Suite to better handle mechanical and kinematic assemblies, allowing all of the power of 3DCS to be applied to simple or complex systems.

The extensive features included in the 3DCS Mechanical Modeler Add-on provide great flexibility to the engineering analyst. It allows them both mobile and static models to be analyzed. It upgrades your 3DCS Variation Analyst, and is available for 3DCS CAA V5 and 3DCS Multi-CAD, adding a mechanical workbench to your toolset.

The 3DCS Mechanical Modeler Add-on module provides engineering analysts the ability to automatically extract the assembly process. Using specialized kinematic routines, 3DCS Mechanical Modeler Add-on can speed up your modeling, while improving your simulation results. Furthermore, the accompanying library of joint and constraint moves makes modelling and analyzing mechanical assemblies a very accurate yet simple task.

The 3DCS Add-on Mechanical Modeler allows you to:

  • Predict the assembly variation of manufactured products with virtual prototypes
  • React to specific contributors of cumulative variation for optimizing designs and
  • Control costs and dimensional integrity with proactive 3-D tolerance analysis

Use the tool to:
Test Variation through Full Range of Motion

With 3DCS Add-on Mechanical Modeler, you need not work with frozen assemblies. This tool allows you to test how your manufacturing variation affects your assembly's ability to function through a full range of motion. Check pistons, gears, shocks and levers through each stage to see how the variation will affect not just the part locations, but also their relationships within the assembly.

Analyze Function on Complex Mechanical Assemblies

The features incorporated in 3DCS allow you to simulate the working product in a virtual environment even before cutting the tools and designing the tooling. It lets you check locators and tooling setup, while reducing variation through design changes and tooling changes, not just tolerance adjustments. In other words, 3DCS Add-on Mechanical Modeler quickly optimizes tolerances for highest quality at lowest cost. It works with your existing CAD system by extracting constraints and kinematics and speeds up the modelling process.

Key Product Features

  • Four Types of Analysis Outputs - Monte Carlo Simulation, High-Low-Mean (Sensitivity Analysis), Geofactor Analysis and Worst Case analysis.
  • Library of Joint and Constraint - Library of moves allow the modeling of complex mechanical assemblies.
  • Reuse Models - Capture commonly used processes and build your own library of easily accessible models.
  • Flexible Assembly Compatibility - Specialized routines developed for non-rigid parts.
  • Specialized Kinematic Routines - Allow for mechanical systems to be analyzed.
  • Use Manufacturing Data - Import real world data into 3DCS Mechanical for root cause analysis to improve existing build processes.
  • Identify Contributors - Localize tolerances and assembly processes responsible for variation.
  • Extract - Extract CATIA V5 constraints and kinematics for fast and efficient modeling.
  • Available in Multiple Formats - Select 3DCS Mechanical Variation Analyst as an all in one CATIA V5 integrated solution, or as an add-on solution to 3DCS Variation Analyst.
  • Animate Variation On-Screen - Users can visualize clearances & interferences on solid geometry or through a section by sweeping parts and assemblies within their statistical extremes.
  • Create Models Without Geometry - Perform tolerance analysis with 3DCS Mechanical before CAD geometry exists.
  • Unique Kinematic Solver - Solve over constrained assemblies
  • Evaluate Geometric Factors - Evaluate geometric factors to enhance the robustness of designs.