3DCS Variation Analyst

3DCS Add on Module – FEA Compliant Modeler

3DCS Add on Module – FEA Complaint Modeler image 1 3DCS Add on Module – FEA Complaint Modeler Image 2

There is an inherent risk associated with product quality that manufacturers need to tackle. The FEA Compliant Modeler from DCS is such a tool. It is based on Finite Element Analysis, a mathematical concept that uses software to simulate as closely as possible to the real thing. This add-on module from DCS allows design analysts / engineers to simulate dimensional variation as it is a key component in assessing the digital design’s relationship to product quality. Material deformation can often be a significant contributor to this variation. The 3DCS FEA Compliant module allows manufacturers to take informed decisions to solve this challenging aspect of simulating assembly variation for deformable parts and assemblies that reduces both cost and time.

There are many products in the market today that use deformable material like sheet-metal, plastics, composites, glass, etc. The FEA Compliant Modeler from 3DCS is geared to tackle quickly the modeling issues of such deformable parts and assemblies. It simulates the dimensional variation of part deformation resulting from spring-back, gravity or fabrication / assembly manufacturing operations (clamping, unclamping, welding, fastening, force application, etc.) that allows engineers a lot more leeway in tolerance simulation capabilities.

The longer it takes for an error to be detected in the design / manufacturing stage, the more it affects the final product cost. Scrap, rework, engineering changes and tooling delays can all eat up profits. 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler provides engineers / design analysts with an efficient method of evaluating the influence of material deformation during the digital prototype phase itself. It quickly identifies and corrects problem areas in the early stages of product development cycle itself. While controlling the dimensional requirements of the entire compliant assembly, this process also streamlines the robustness of design and processes by maximizing part tolerances.

The 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler is targeted for engineers who wish to assess the impact of dimensional variation in compliant / deformable assemblies.

Key Product Features

  • Simulate deformation within the virtual assembly process
  • Render photo realistic deformation
  • Support Monte Carlo, contributor analysis and equation based tolerance analysis
  • Support for diagnostic functions including Key Contributor Analysis and Geofactor Analysis available in 3DCS
  • Incorporate part deformation resulting from clamping welding, fastening, gravity, force application and spring-back
  • Leverage existing FEM/FEA models to accurately reflect deformable parts
  • Easy to learn, intuitive graphical user interface