Campus-Wide License Credentialing


Unlocking the Potential: Improve Your Institutions/Universities Effectiveness

Credentialing of Campus-Wide License is a ready to use branding framework (physical indicator) for existing Campus-Wide License institutions or universities in India that helps campuses showcase their association with MathWorks and to distinguish themselves from their peers (other Campus-Wide License institutions or universities), which thereafter institutes or universities can promote or advertise. Campus-Wide License customers need to meet a minimum criteria or benchmark to get credentialed. Credentialed universities and institutions become a part of a select league of campuses. Students of credentialed institutions gain an edge with an improved employability prospect. It assures industry of the quality of training and knowledge possessed by students. Credentialing adds to the credibility of the educational institutions giving them greater visibility.

Building a Strong Foundation: Promoting Proficiency in Industry Standard MATLAB and Simulink

Earning the credential from MathWorks is of strategic value to the institutions or universities. It makes them a preferred choice for academically inclined and focused students and while also giving the industry the confidence of finding the right talent with the necessary skill set. The industry standard workflows and products ensures students are job ready and equipped to add value to the assignments and projects they work on, thus helping industry and students succeed. In doing so, it also strengthens the institute’s position in academic excellence.

MathWorks credentialing program is a golden triangle in which the academia, students, and industry can all benefit.

Campus-Wide License Credentialed Institutions and Universities

What you get with Credentialing

Institutions and universities who meet MathWorks' eligibility criteria earn credentials as well as several types of benefits:

  • A personalised certificate of credentialing (to be shared with the department head or department) and plaque recognising the credentials (to be exhibited in the dean's or principal's office)
  • The name of the institution or university appears on the MathWorks Campus-Wide Licence credentialing web page on

Additional Benefits

Better Job Opportunities

Credentialing offers a real approach to leverage and promote association with the MathWorks brand. It enables students to improve their skills and be considered by potential employers.

More effective industry collaboration

Credentialed universities and Organizations will attract attention and foster more interactions with engineers and scientists who engage with industries.

Improved Branding

Credentialed universities and institutes have more brand recognitions in Industries

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