Materialise Magics – Premium 3D Printing Software Solutions


Materialise Magics – Premium 3D Printing Software Solutions

Materialise is a Belgium based company that offers premium 3D Printing / AM software solutions that link applications to 3D printers and AM technologies. The Materialise product suite is a pre-processing system that optimizes build processes and ensures that the results are near perfect. Materialise Magics is a versatile data preparation and STL editor software from the Materialise stable that allows users to convert files to STL, repair errors, edit designs and prepare the build platform. Indeed, it is the backbone of all processes and industries that need professional 3D Printing. The extensive and user-friendly toolbox helps users save time on data preparation, printing and finishing and maximize your success rate with smart data preparation. The Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite offers a wide range of software solutions suited to your business and industry that includes:

Materialise 3-matic: An industry leading data optimization software, 3-matic is a versatile tool that makes design modifications on the mesh very easy. 3-matic enables users to clean up rough data for simulation or convert the mesh back to CAD. Additionally, the software allows users to enhance their design by creating 3D textures, lattice structures and conformal structures, all of which are ready for 3D printing.

Materialise e-Stage: automates the support generation process. e-Stage reduces data preparation time drastically, saves material and reduces finishing work. It is suitable not only for all resin-based 3D printers, but also for metal machines with soft re-coaters that 3D print titanium, aluminum and stainless steel parts as well.

Materialise Build Processor: the Build Processor from Materialise bridges the gap between 3D printers and software. The extensive range of machine-specific and technology-neutral solutions provided by the Build Processor enables efficient handling of the communication between software and the 3D printing machines, reducing the complexity of 3D printing. The slice-based technology facilitates handling of huge files.

DesignTech Systems is a Platinum Partner in India for Materialise Magics software.